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The Cover Mix: Amelie Lens | Mixmag


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It’s safe to say that Amelie Lens is techno’s biggest property at the moment.
Her cover mix is a features a wide array of techno stormers, with cuts by Manni Dee, Truncate, Slam, Perc and of course her own tracks. We’ll let her explain better, but trust us, this one is hard.

“The idea was to record a proper club mix, something that really defines me as a DJ. I get influenced very easily during my sets, mostly by the crowd but also by artists playing before or after me, by the time, the vibe or the club in general. This set was recorded in my home studio, with no distractions and nothing that could influence me. Just me and my music!”


1/ Manni Dee ‘Eye Of The Shepherdess’ (Tresor)
2/ X-101 ‘Rave New World’ (Tresor)
3/ Refracted ‘Dom’ (Black Code Experiments)
4/ Nocow ‘Forgiven’ (Figure)
5/ Insolate ‘Heartbreak’ (Coincidence Recordings)
6/ Astronomy Domine ‘Corto’ (Illegal Alien Records)
7/ Yant ‘Encode The Stick’ (Blackaxon)
8/ Deevai ‘Peroni’ (Carcères Records)
9/ Lars Huismann ‘Time Machine’ (Shinichiro Imanari remix) (09Recordings)
10/ Milo Spykers ‘Infinite’ (Lenske)
11/ Jensen Interceptor & Assembler Code ‘ZZ31’ (Boysnoize)
12/ Amelie Lens ‘Energize’ (Lenske)
13/ Truncate ‘Bassline’ (Figure)
14/ Slam ‘Antonym’ (Soma)
15/ Perc, Adam X, AX&P ‘Disorder’ (AX&P)
16/ Amelie Lens ‘Never The Same’ (Lenske)
17/ Hans Bouffmyhre & Robert S (PT) ‘External Reflections’ (Sleaze Records)
18/ Adam Beyer ‘Remainings III D1’ (Drumcode)
19/ Unknown artist (Unreleased)
20/ Joey Beltram ‘Ten Four’ (Tresor)
21/ Airod ‘Vaga’ (Obscuur Records)
22/ Unknown artist (Unreleased)



  1. Introduction un peu bizarre à cause des mots sinon super set a la reine 👑 des dj la belle et intelligente Amelie Lens big bisous et good travel pour moi ce week-end commandé de tous les feliz en 3 unités sur un site hollandais 👍👍👍👍👽👽👽🤔🤔🤔😅😉👌👌😜🥺🥺🥴🥴🤕🤕🤫🤫🤫🤭🤭➕Partagé

  2. I cracked my head open on the desk corner. Dazed 'n' confused. Loved it!!! ☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠👻

  3. A magical tech oddesey!! Embracing with chest choking thumps,punching relentlessly with mind dizzying synth effects and hats… And then your deviantly crafty skills dominate..An onslaught of breathtaking and infectious groovy tech effects !! Need to come up for air!! Merci!!

  4. I think that listening Amelie at home is totally different from live, not just for the reason that you are in a club or a festival. You have to be there to trully understand her music.

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