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Home / News / The Game names Eminem and Drake among his Top 10 rappers alive

The Game names Eminem and Drake among his Top 10 rappers alive


The Game has named his Top 10 rappers alive, a list that includes the likes of Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, JAY-Z and Drake.

On Friday (May 7), the ‘Hate It Or Love It’ rapper took to Twitter to share his list, making a point to exclude himself from it but adding he’ll “go bar for bar with anybody on the list”.

Best rapper lists have long sparked debate in the world of hip-hop, and even more so when it’s an MC sharing their own personal list; The Game’s has proved no different if the comments on his post are anything to go by.

The Compton rapper put JAY-Z and Nas in the top two spots, followed by Lil’ Wayne, Eminem and Kendrick Lamar. From six onwards the list gets interesting, with names like Snoop Dogg, Drake, J. Cole and OutKast‘s Andre 3000 all appearing.

The newest name on the list comes in at 10, with The Game opting to anoint Atlanta rapper Lil Baby as one of his “best rappers alive”.

You can see the list in full below:

Earlier this year, Justin Bieber got in on the action sharing his Top Five rappers of all time.

The singer, whose latest album ‘Justice’ arrived last week, shared his list while appearing on DJ Khaled‘s The First One podcast.

Bieber began by acknowledging the can of worms he was potentially opening, saying “You know, when you open this conversation there’s always room for, ‘Aw, he can’t believe this,’”.

“But… I would say, Lil Wayne, Biggie, Eminem, Kanye West and my favourite is Drizzy Drake.”

Last year, Eminem shared a list of his favourite rappers of all time, replying to a fan on Twitter.

YouTuber NoLifeShaq shared a tweet reading: “Who is the greatest rapper of all time,” with a video attached of himself DMing the same question to a host of rappers including Drake and Travis Scott.

In a surprise reply to the tweet, Eminem laid out his list, which includes 2Pac, JAY-Z, Kendrick Lamar and more.

“For me, in no particular order…” Eminem wrote. “Toss up between wayne, pac, royce, jay, redman, treach, g. rap, biggie & king crook….”

He then added more names, tweeting: “Plus redman, LL, nas, joyner, kendrick, cole, andre, rakim, kane…”

Meanwhile, The Game has said that he would be willing to take part in a VERZUZ battle – but only if he was pitted against 50 Cent.

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