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Home / News / The Killers say their next album is “pretty much done”

The Killers say their next album is “pretty much done”


The Killers have said that the follow-up to 2020’s ‘Imploding The Mirage’ is “pretty much done”, after working on it throughout lockdown.

The latest update on the band’s seventh album comes after they teased new music by sharing two brief snippets of a new song in a recent Instagram live broadcast.

Speaking to Vampire Weekend‘s Ezra Koenig on Apple Music, frontman Brandon Flowers said: “It’s almost done and we’re going to mix the record next week. We don’t have a drop date, but it’s pretty much done! It sort of fell into our laps.

“Some songs are laborious sons of bitches and then some just appear. This album just kind of appeared and we’ve never had that happen. We’ve had songs appear but never an entire record like this. We’re almost confused by it, but we’re going with it and we’re really excited about it.”

The Killers’ Brandon Flower. Credit: Rob Loud

Drummer Ronnie Vannucci Jr, meanwhile, said that the enforced lack of touring during the pandemic gave the band more time to focus on new material.

“The interesting thing is that most of the time you sort of dedicate time to get into the zone, where you’re writing songs and recording songs, but then you’ll have to put another hat for where you have to go and play these fuckers live and sell it that way,” he said.

“The cool part about this is that we have never had to be in the same lane for so long and so we still have these recording and writing muscles, but no so much the playing muscles!

“It’s nice to be in that zone for so long, it’s just interesting to think that maybe we should take longer to do two records at a time. Because it’s a lot of fun, weirdly introspective.”

The band previously confirmed news of the record last year, with Flowers telling NME that it  “might be even better” than ‘Imploding The Mirage’.

As well as the recent snippets of music, they’ve shared a potential tracklist and footage that shows guitarist Dave Keuning back with the band, after sitting out of studio sessions for the previous record.

“Every time someone makes a record they say that they have 50 songs and they’re going to release another record. We really are,” Flowers told NME after the completion of ‘Imploding The Mirage’.

He added: “We’re going to release another one in about 10 months. We’ve already gone back into the studio with [Jonathon, producer] Rado and Shawn [Everett, producer]. We did a week in Northern California.

“I had a lot of time on my hands. Before I’d normally be gearing up to tour, all of that time has gone back into writing more songs. It’s been pretty fruitful.”

A release date is yet to be confirmed.

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