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“These songs couldn’t slot into the first three records”


Lauren Mayberry has given some hints at what to expect from Chvrches’ next album, which is due to arrive in spring 2021.

The record will be the band’s fourth, following 2018’s ‘Love Is Dead’ and their 2019 collaborative single with Marshmello, ‘Here With Me’.

Speaking to the Guardian, Mayberry said that the new album had “definitely got the Chvrches DNA” but that the songs on it couldn’t “slot into any of the first three records”.

“You want it to be like your band, but you want it to be enough of an evolution that it’s not the same thing over and over again,” she said. But how do you do that? Especially with modern-day pop music where there’s a pressure to take your sound and put it through the filter of what is popular. I think you can tell that it’s us – it’s not screamo or anything like that.”

The singer also discussed writing and making the album during the coronavirus pandemic, explaining they had already begun work on it before the global health crisis took hold. “The theme of it didn’t necessarily change, but it evolved because of the circumstances of 2020,” she explained.

“I think it was also helpful for us to be removed from the bullshit of the music industry. Everybody says that you don’t think about that stuff when you’re making a record, but in practice you totally do. You might shut the door, but it’ll sneak in the window.”

She added that working on a record during a pandemic gave the band time to “unpack and fix” eight years of “baggage”. “As a result, I think this is the most excited that anybody in the band has been about an album since the first record,” she said.

Mayberry previously spoke about the album-making process in September, saying it had been a “learning curve”.

Meanwhile, Chvrches shared a new version of their track ‘Forever’ earlier this year, dubbed the ‘Separate But Together Version’. Recorded during the pandemic, it saw the group perform the track from their respective homes.

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