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Home / News / Trap Legend UZ’s Final Album ‘Trinity’ Is An Absolute Masterpiece [MUST LISTEN]

Trap Legend UZ’s Final Album ‘Trinity’ Is An Absolute Masterpiece [MUST LISTEN]


Trap God UZ has unmasked his final album, Trinity — a bittersweet masterpiece that returns to his groundbreaking roots and marks the end of an era.

Eight years into the project, the master producer provides fifteen tracks of remarkably fresh and devastating material with a long list of sought after collaborators including HOLLY, HUCCI and more.

In his own words, UZ shares of the release:

I started working on Trinity about one and a half years ago. I have always been a prolific artist but I really wanted to take my time on this last album. I have been writing music under the influence for the past 15 years or so but fortunately I became totally sober almost 2 years ago, so this was going to be a different approach to the writing process.

And he goes deep into the meaning behind Trinity:

My vision became clearer than ever and I decided to focus on what I really wanted. As you may already know I have been producing music under 3 different aliases during the past 20 years but those 3 different personas never really crossed paths. Plezier is my strictly melody driven UK house project, DJ Troubl is a technical Turntablist and UZ is the masked underground Trap producer. Why not mix them all? Well that’s what’s happened on Trinity. Trinity is the perfect concept for this record because of all its different meanings: 3rd album, 3 aliases influenced by 3 cities where I’ve lived which is associated with each alias (Paris / London / Los Angeles). It represents the Past / Present / Future of my career not only as UZ but as a whole artist.

Finding the words to say to do this album any sort of justice is an impossible feat. Trinity and what it stands for is an unshakable concept that will continue to impact trap music for years and years to come.

Listen to Trinity in all its glory, out now on the producer’s own Quality Goods Records.

UZ – Trinity

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