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Home / News / TWONSKI Showcases “Bubblegum Techno” Sound with New ‘CLUB LOVE’ EP [LISTEN]

TWONSKI Showcases “Bubblegum Techno” Sound with New ‘CLUB LOVE’ EP [LISTEN]


TWONSKI treats us to the refreshingly eccentric and undeniably cute CLUB LOVE EP — most definitely worth obsessing over!

Jumping right into it, the title track “CLUB LOVE” leads the EP with bright, dazzling atmospheres, addictive vocals, and a booming, club-friendly groove — it’s the type of track that makes you drop everything to dance. Next up, “CRUZIN” epitomizes its title with a driving, energetic sound that would only feel complete listening with the windows rolled down. Both productions are bursting with imagination and liable to put listeners into a bubblegum trance.

TWONSKI shares of the debut:

Club Love is the product of years of experimentation, drawing inspiration from house, techno and bubblegum bass. Although hyperpop brings fresh and exciting sounds to music, I find a lot of it isn’t very danceable or club friendly. With this EP, my goal was to create tracks in that realm, but that have crossover into the club world. Welcome to bubblegum techno!

The Los Angeles-based producer’s SoundCloud is filled with plenty of other goodies, including remixes of Aqua’s “Barbie Girl” and Robyn’s “Honey.”

Listen here and link up below!


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