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Home / News / Watch The Avalanches’ clairvoyant video for ‘We Go On’

Watch The Avalanches’ clairvoyant video for ‘We Go On’


The Avalanches have shared a new music video for their ‘We Will Always Love You’ cut, ‘We Go On’ featuring Cola Boyy and The Clash‘s Mick Jones.

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The clip, directed by Jonathan Zawada and Michael Dole, travels linearly down a strip of psychic and clairvoyant storefronts lit up with lyrics from the song. They then jumble out into the expanse of space.

Watch it below.

The Avalanches spoke to NME last year about Cola Boyy’s involvement with ‘We Go On’, along with all of the multifarious collaborators on ‘We Will Always Love You’.

“We had two full-on weeks in an LA studio, we did a photoshoot, and it was our last day to record ‘We Go On’. And y’know, we were almost like, ‘Do we want to just get to the airport?’ We were tired,” they said.

“And then we met Cola Boyy and as soon as we met him we were awake again [pumps fist], we were refreshed! He’s just such an amazing dude, so smart and he’s very political too. He’s very passionate about his local community, about life, he’s an activist. He’s very outspoken – so I loved having him on the same record as Mick Jones.”

‘We Will Always Love You’ was given a four-star review by NME upon its release in December, praising the album for its “diversity of guest musicians, expertly woven music and compositional strength of the tracks”. The record was recently awarded the 2020 Australian Music Prize, notching it $20,000 in prize money.

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