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XDJ-R1 Performance – Wireless DJ System


The Pioneer XDJ-R1 complete DJ system is the all-in-one dream: the union of CD/USB decks, DJ software control, a top-flight mixer, powerful performance features and intuitive remote control via iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

XDJ-R1 Video Playlist:

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Rik Parkinson – Catch The Break (Hailstorm) //

(iPad stand not included)



  1. I downloaded rekordbox and can't use it. It says click "connect " I do but never connects. I don't know if this is common. I have a Samsung galaxy note 10.1 2014 tablet and my system is the XDJ-R1.

  2. Why do not you make tutorials in Portuguese?
    There is great of you to disregard with DJs from Brazil, If not possible to translate at least the subtitled videos come to Brazil, thanks for listening.

  3. hello. I have a concern about the XDJ-R1 there are many comments for hanging which is deve this discomfort and if there is any update … because there is also a problem in the loop … any help would not want to make a invercion for fun

  4. It is a cdj you moron, same features same skill required. People like you will always have something to bitch about. The last generations "you" was whining about cdj's, now you're whining about all in one cdj's…get a life. I'm guessing you're not a very successful performer or artist, what a goof.

  5. Ha David, is your unit running the latest firmware? Current version is 1.07. If it is or you still have the issue after upgrading please check our forums. In Google search "pioneerdj forums".

  6. I've just bought an XDJ-R1 after seeing it a BPM. My only issue is when i plug it into my Powered Spreakers, I get an enormous amount of Hiss. I am using the Balanced XLR outputs with studio quality connections. It is the same if i use the Phono Outputs. This unit is intended to be used for Mobile Disco work for 500+ people. Has anyone plugged theirs into a professional PA system and not just a bedroom scenario. Have a got a faulty unit.

  7. If you do not know how to use a computer and how to have a clean config, yes you will have latency or crashes, then yes you will prefer Apple world.
    When you have enough knowledge, you will be able to have a safe system, or a phone/tab that does not crash. My computer runs Windows perfectly, my phone is a Galaxy Note II, my tab a Nexus 10 and they do not crash nor have latency.
    So I am not going to buy an XDJ-R1 as I do not want to have to buy a stupid iDevice to use it with…

  8. Let's be honest, when it comes about windows or android we all have'd problems at some point, if is not latency maybe usb dropout of even a sudden shutdown, apple is music standard and people rely on it for that, you don't want to be playing in front of 300 people and all of a sudden boom!! bye bye laptop, if you're serious about dj'ing get with the standards, when you go to a club all you see is either technics 1200 and a Rane Mixer(Serato) or CDJ200's and DJM900, not virtual dj and a MIDI

  9. je suis révolter vous sponsorise des dj avec des matos gratuit qui ont nul besoin puisque ils ont déjà les moyens de se payer vos matérielles, vous faites le bonheur des gens qui sont déjà dans le bonheur votre marque pour moi est associe a une business a la haute bourgeoisie, donner moi entre les mains votre matérielle est je ferai mieux que vos dj sponsorisée

  10. In the official walkthrough video on the pioneer dj website, he(I'm not sure his name) said there was a 'rekordbox' application for windows and android. Are you saying no as in there is no 'remotebox' application for android?

  11. I have been a Pioneer supporter for years…Its really crap how you only cater for Apple products…I am strictly Samsung and live on the Android….How do you cater for all your non-apple clients??? Just a question???

  12. Well i wasn't talking to you. Gotta laugh at all these nobodys coming out of nowhere hitting me with information i couldn't give a rats arse about.But congratulations on all your wonderful achievments.My comment was to Pioneer.They replied.End of story.

  13. what are you talking about ? I play on a pioneer controller at home and I can perfectly play on cdj's (yes, also the models with sync which I don't use anyway) , I don't see why people are making a problem with controllers when there is no problem at all, actually my controller is harder to play with than let's say cdj 850/2000 nexus (played on both lately, they are very well made, good work Pioneer!)

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