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Your EDM Double Premiere: Check Out Two of the Hot Tracks on Korsakov Music’s ‘Future Stars’ LP


Volume 1 of the new Future Stars series on Korsakov Music has been teased for a while now and it’s finally releasing Friday, July 31. Some of the names fans will have heard before, like Dropset, Inaudible and PRFCT Mandem, but the 17-track compilation has some major surprises for even the most in-the-know heads so it’s time to buckle up for massive new blood dancefloor vibes.

So how did Your EDM end up being able to premiere two tracks from this massive playlist? Quite simply, neither we nor the label could decide between these two stellar tracks, so since we’re in the final hours before the LP drops, we thought why not preview both? It’s quite likely a YEDM D&B first, but if anyone deserves it, it’s these two soon to be legendary tracks.

Both of these premieres are a bit off the beaten path from many of the other picks on Future Stars volume 1. Elusive London-based artist 3Föur already has a few inspired releases up on Beatport from his own label/collective called Umbrela, but he’s definitely gone all out for this LP. Hi Track “Forgotten Souls” feat. Nysza is jazzy and fluid, almost liquid in the intro but as the track moves into its main section, a rumble of deep, dark synth emerges and takes the track to the next level. It’s composed with a D&B structure but to accomodate Nysza’s extraordinary vocals, it also leaves room for a more pop verse-chorus-verse structure so both track and vocal can work together. It’s a tricky thing to do composition-wise, but 3Föur manages it seamlessly, creating a smooth, effortless vibe that will work for the dancefloor or radio play.

The next premiere is “Nothing Left to Lose”. It’s also sort of on the liquid-with-a-twist tip and it’s a collaboration within a compilation (say that five times fast). Heretofore relatively unknown D&B artist Artino teamed up with Arpex, an established house producer who’s remixed the likes of The Chainsmokers and Rain Man and been featured on Dim Mak. Their very diverse backgrounds make for a melodic dancefloor track that has its base in D&B and its sound design in rave. The thing that takes this track to the next level, however, is, once again, the vocals. Also relatively new to D&B, vocalist James Chandler brings an ethereal tone to the track that elevates it from a good dancefloor tune to something much more. Prepare for goosebumps on this one.

“Forgotten Souls” and “Nothing Left to Lose” are standouts on an album of standouts, and Korsakov Music certainly tells no lies by titling the LP Future Stars. Get in on the ground floor now with the artists on this compilation, because they’re all about to blow up.

Future Stars vol. 1 drops tomorrow, July 31 on Korsakov Music. Click here to pre-order or pre-save.

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