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Home / News / Your EDM Guest Mix: The Caracal Project Releases Second ‘Modern Intimate Session’

Your EDM Guest Mix: The Caracal Project Releases Second ‘Modern Intimate Session’


It’s interesting the way The Caracal Project has released his latest two singles, as they sort of comprise one single in two parts. “The Modern Intimate Part I” is, in the artist’s own words, “…sort of chunky drum & bass” while “Part II” combines styles set to a hip hop beat. To really develop the sound and style in each track, the French producer chose to create a mix for each track to show how each works to create different tone, style and substance when mixed with other tracks.

The first “Modern Intimate Session 1” mix was released on Mollie Collins’s KISS FM radio show last Saturday and true to form, it opens with the minimal, steppy D&B of “Modern Intimate Part I” and then launches from there into deeper and deeper “chunky” drum and bass. with a lot of twists and turns including dubstep, electrofunk and super-experimental D&B vibes.

“Session 2” is up now exclusively on Your EDM and winds out the second “Modern Intimate” track in a similar way. Since the track has a sort of techno synth play over a hip hop beat, this track can chug into almost anything as a mix and The Caracal Project chugs it right into some funky sinewave 174 techno before going into more robust drum and bass, techno and ending on an industrial note. It’s all different, interesting and dancefloor-friendly, even if most of our dancefloors these days are the space between the couch and the TV.

In regard to the “Modern Intimate” tracks, both have similar melodies and tie-ins, but one gets the sense these aren’t meant to be remixes of each other. They’re meant to be listened to together as sort of a sonic story, where “Part I” feeds right into “Part 2.” They’re almost like movements or variations in an orchestral arrangement. Aside from their differences beat-and-tempo-wise, that central melody (made up of electro-inspired synths and a high-pitched vocal loop) and the sound design are handled quite differently.

In “Modern Intimate Part I,” the melody is more straightforward, while some extra synths are added to carry the track. First neuro-inspired, then more old school techy/darksteppy and finally a sort of cacauphony of melding all the synths at the end. It becomes a swirl of synths supported by a minimal, steppy beat before the synths cut entirely and we’re back to the vocal loop. Thus ends “Part I” and begins “Part II.” In this version, the main synth is distorted and sine waved out. The synth, vocals and some beautiful ornamentations fill out the breaks and denouement as the two part-story ends.

The “Modern Intimate” tracks could easily go on the same mix as they extend into each other so well but it’s clear that The Caracal Project also wanted to examine each of them on their own and he came up with some killer mixes in the process. Check out “The Modern Intimate Session 2” here exclusively in the player. “Session 1” on Mollie’s show can be found outside the UK on The Caracal Project’s Soundcloud, along with the two tracks themselves. Purchase or stream on other platforms here.

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