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Home / News / Action Bronson announces new book, ‘F*ck It, I’ll Start Tomorrow’

Action Bronson announces new book, ‘F*ck It, I’ll Start Tomorrow’


Rapper and chef Action Bronson has announced a new book, F*ck It, I’ll Start Tomorrow, due out next month.

Published through Abrams Books, the book explores Bronson’s “struggles with weight, food addiction, and the journey to self-acceptance”. Announcing the book on Instagram, the rapper said it has been two years in the making and he “hated every minute and second of making it”.

“When I would read back some of the stuff, I would throw up in my mouth. I would get high as possible, order 17 different things and just talk shit and then try to piece a book together in the end,” he said.

“The reason I did the book in the first place was just so I could parlay another cookbook so I was gonna just mail this one in and get on with it. What I didn’t realize was that this was the catalyst that made me look within myself and take some serious actions to fix the years of damage self-inflicted.

“Had no good intentions while making this book but somehow became this beacon of hope unintentional but meant to be.”

In between writing F*ck It, I’ll Start Tomorrow, Bronson also released his latest album ‘Only For Dolphins’ in September, created a new men’s fragrance and aired a new season of his cooking show Fuck, That’s Delicious.

“I’m venturing into whatever else I can possibly do. I’m trying to have an art show at some point [in 2020 or 2021]. I’m releasing all kinds of different products that all coincide with the album,” he told NME last October.

“I’m gonna continue to do more videos for the project, as many videos as we have songs. I’m gonna continue to work out, stay healthy, keep my mind sharp, keep my mind right and just work on a whole bunch of other projects until they’re ready to explode.”

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