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Audius Joins the NFT Craze, Launches Audius Collectibles


With the NFT craze taking the world by storm, Audius is proud to unveil the newest addition to their platform: Audius Collectibles, a digital gallery for Audius users to display their NFTs. In addition to that, Audius Collectibles appears to be a great way to bring collectibles directly to fans.

Whether showcasing favorite NFTs or merchandising an NFT sale on a marketplace, Audius Collectives brings all of your NFTs from disparate wallets and marketplaces directly to your fans where they listen. This is a great way to personalize profiles or give loyal listeners exclusive drops on limited edition sales, concerts, albums, tickets, digital art, and more. The potential is, frankly staggering.

Starting today, artists with Silver Tier accounts—i.e., those holding more than 100 $AUDIO—now have instant access to Collectibles on their Audius profile pages. For more information on Audius Tiers and Badges, read this post. They’ve been piloting Collectibles with some amazing artists over the past week including 3LAUOdeszaRACDisclosureDillon FrancisBoys NoizeVÉRITÉOshiMatthew ChaimMëtsaCamoufly, and PLS&TY.

Not only limited to artists, fans can unlock Collectibles with Silver Tier status, too.

Audius Collectible currently supports NFTs from SuperRare, Zora, Foundation, OpenSea, Rarible, and KnownOrigin. The community will be working more to support more platforms in the coming months.

Instead of scouring these markets for the latest drops, you can now discover them directly from your favorite artists’ profiles. If you find a collectible that you absolutely must have, you can click directly through the artist’s or creator’s page to visit the marketplace listing.

For more information on Audius and Audius Galleries, check out their dedicated page here.

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