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Home / News / Audius marks $AUDIO launch with deadmau5 and RAC livestream

Audius marks $AUDIO launch with deadmau5 and RAC livestream


Luckily most of our favorite artists were able to quickly pivot to livestreaming in the wake of COVID-19’s global shutdowns. Of course deadmau5 was already waiting there when everyone else hastily shifted to online platforms, but that’s because he’s made a career out of his unrivaled tech-savviness. One such example of that tech sensibility is the Canadian producer’s partnership with Audius, the burgeoning streaming platform that’s promising to tear the system down as we know it.

Now, mau5 and fellow Audius partner RAC are performing on a special livestream to celebrate the launch of $AUDIO, the brand new Audius platform token. The event, titled Audius Presents MAINNET: RAC & deadmau5, kicks off on October 23 at 9:30 p.m. EST on Twitch. Fans looking to tune in can RSVP here. In the coming weeks, Audius will share a number of updates regarding the new $AUDIO token, its extended support in the wider ecosystem, and plans to integrate new features. For those not hip to the Audius buzz yet, take a page out of deadmau5’s book and explore the new platform. And for those just looking for a fun Friday night livestream, look no further than Twitch tonight at 9:30 p.m.

Audius marks $AUDIO launch with deadmau5 and RAC livestream1 DhVLtB3PqVecYhm0aRlQ

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