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Beatport Offers World’s First Web-Based DJ Mixing Application


Beatport, the leading online music store for DJs and producers, is cutting down on the time and financial barriers to DJing.

The recent launch of Beatport DJ aims to integrate music discovery, playlist curation and mixing. The web app gives users access to mixing tools from their computer, positioning the application as “the world’s first web-based DJ application built for music discovery and playlist management.”

The application offers everything you’d find on a starter controller— two channels, waveform views, pitch slides, loop controls, EQ controls, hot cues, cross-fade, sync controls and 10 sound effects. Beatport DJ even improves upon the functions of starter controllers, allowing users to skip through a currently-playing track without disrupting the song coming through the speakers.

But where users can really get their money’s worth is through the easily-accessible Beatport catalog. Beatport-curated playlists, giving users access to the hottest tracks. Beatport DJ can be used with the Pioneer DDJ-200 controller and MIDI controllers. LINK information can be synced from Beatport to controllers that feature the LINK feature, like select Denon controllers.

Jonas Tempel, founder and chief revenue officer of Beatport says of the application:

We designed the software to solve the cumbersome workflow challenges of music discovery and building LINK playlists. On top of that, we know our customers need to audition the tracks to make sure the song fits in their sets. Our solution combines a host of advanced web-based technologies to give users a truly effortless experience that you would expect from dedicated desktop software.

All of these tools can be yours with a subscription to Beatport LINK, which starts at $14.99/month after a free 30-day trial. Try out Beatport DJ here.


Source: DJ Mag | Photo via Beatport

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