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Home / News / Benedict partners with Lee Groves for Tetraphobic remix of ‘Warzone’

Benedict partners with Lee Groves for Tetraphobic remix of ‘Warzone’


Starting 2021 with intent, Benedict has teamed up with Lee Groves to offer up a powerful remix of her breathtaking single ‘Warzone’. The Melbourne hailing artists’ release comes at a poignant time, with the whole world plunged into difficulty due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This is something that Benedict elaborated on below. With Lee Groves’ (Madonna, Goldfrapp, Black Eyed Pees) spin on the release, it’s notable that Benedict has some large industry backing, and we cannot wait to see what she will be dropping next. Described by Lee as a big, fat, dark, dirty, epic journey”, we think this remix is one to be dialed up to 11.

“The last year has been a warzone for many with COVID-19, massive world political issues, relationships and many other things. ‘Warzone’ is about all these challenges. All different experiences we have with people, life, religion, politics and many other things. I felt this was captured in the captivating remix that Lee created. It has been one of the most exciting parts of last year connecting, through the amazing Dean Tuza and having the privilege of working with the brilliant Mr Lee Groves. Honoured that he said yes to doing my remix and now mixing my upcoming single as well! The remix is a true piece of art. It weaves in and out creating a web of colour and movement. It takes me on a journey to another world. Light and dark experiences leaving you wanting more. So many layers I feel very blessed to be working with such a genius.”


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