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Home / News / Canada’s Cloverdale announces VIBRANCY, an audio-visual label venture

Canada’s Cloverdale announces VIBRANCY, an audio-visual label venture


After building up suspense over the previous weeks, one of eastern Canada’s emerging tech-house figures, Cloverdale has launched their own label, VIBRANCY. The label debuts as a love letter to the intersection of the music and arts, with a unique proposition at hand. VIBRANCY aims to connect musicians and artists to create one-of-a-kind physical artwork to accompany each label release, which will also be incorporated into the official track artwork and made into limited edition merchandise, with profits going to both parties. 

In addition to an emphasis on creative collaboration, the label’s focus falls on building the relationship between the artist and the listener by releasing all of their music for free, making each track’s stems available for bootleg/remix purposes and providing merchandise codes for fans who download the tracks. By encouraging accessibility from the get go, VIBRANCY aims to foster an experience similar to purchasing a CD, which means more to the fan than just listening to the music. 

To celebrate the label’s formation, their inaugural release comes from none other than the label boss himself, with a quirky sounding slammer named “Racket Tactics”. The single’s eclectic drum patterns and repeat snare kicks are appropriately matched with a colorfully rich cover artwork, designed by acrylic artist Kristen Herrington, which encapsulates the audio-visual project in its ingenious entirety.

Featured image: Daniel Dominic

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