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Make way for a much-anticipated collab, as hit producer Gabry Ponte teams up again with Austrian hot shot LUM!X, adding fellow Italian artist Prezioso to the team, for the aptly titled rave tune ‘Thunder’. The guys have delivered a tour de force here, as they unleash some rousing vocals and cool, triplet-styled beats along sweet sound effects drenched in a powerful feelgood vibe. The party is well on its way with this instant anthem.

Already a legend, thanks to the international hit single ‘Blue (Da Ba Dee)’ he scored by the end of the ’90s with his band Eiffel 65, the name Gabry Ponte has always remained a force to be reckoned with. The Italian DJ/producer kept releasing solo material, always in rhythm with the newest sounds in electronic music, including 2019 worldwide smash hit ‘Monster’, together with LUM!X.

Last year, he followed this up with two more hit collabs with LUM!X in the shape of ‘The Passenger’ (along with D.T.E.) and ‘Scare Me’ (along with KSHMR), plus team-ups with Timmy Trumpet (co-producing the title track for Timmy’s ‘Mad World’ album) and Galwaro and LIZOT (co-producing the popular cover of ‘Like A Prayer’).

So, expectations are high as they guys have joined forces again. Relatively new to the game, Austrian DJ/producer LUM!X has already made a huge impact these last years with mentioned singles as well as with his recently dropped singles ‘Annie Are You Ok’ (together with Nick Strand) and ’Secrets’ (a collab with SØLO) both records already counting millions of streams on Spotify alone.

For ‘Thunder’, this dream team is accompanied by Italian DJ/producer Prezioso, one of the countries most talented artists. He’s been on the forefront of dance music for quite a while, making waves as a DJ and turntablist as well as releasing some festival favorites in recent years. Most famed is his 2015 dance version of 80’s hit ‘The Riddle’ as well as popular zeroes dance-pop hits like ‘Tell Me Why’ and ‘Let Me Stay’.

The result is overwhelming, as ‘Thunder’ brings exactly the rumbling beats these guys are known for. Building tension with dramatic percussion and uptempo female vocals, the beat is dropped in characteristic triplet style, making sure the party is officially started. As the vocals keep flowing and the beats keep rolling, you can already picture the festival crowds joining in with a massive collective dance.

‘Thunder’ is exactly what it aims to be: a crowdpleaser with a blazing, 21st century rave sound. Building the bridge towards the breakdown, the vocals are chopped into exciting singalong melodies before the vibe builds up again, underlining how the rave is in full effect. This tune celebrates the euphoria of a good party, a record to raise your glass with and bounce along to with everyone else. For sure, this is the ultimate feel-good music, you’ll feel the ‘Thunder’ as it hits you.

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