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Home / News / Galantis enlist JVKE for summery anthem, ‘Dandelion’ – Dancing Astronaut

Galantis enlist JVKE for summery anthem, ‘Dandelion’ – Dancing Astronaut


Galantis have always been able to balance the modern electronic sound with broader pop sensibilities, a trait that has helped propel them to headliner status around the world. The duo has worked with everyone from Dolly Parton to OneRepublic, and up next is JVKE, a rising pop force who was discovered en masse due to his viral TikTok hit, “Upside Down.” Galantis explained how the collaboration came together, stating,

“‘Dandelion; came about after JVKE requested to hop on a Galantis Instagram Live. I recognized him from TikTok and I asked him what he was up to. He said he was working on an idea for a song and started to sing it for me. I really loved the vibe and he asked if I was down to work on it together. We ended up sending it back and forth and it became this natural organic collaboration with no real plan or goal. The past year has really changed how we make music and work with other artists, with negative circumstances actually opening doors to unlikely opportunities.”

“Dandelion” sounds like another classic feel-good anthem from Galantis, but the lyrics paint a more somber picture. It’s another resume booster for the super-duo, but it’s a massive step in vocalist JVKE’s bourgeoning career. Moreover, it’s more evidence supporting the emergence of TikTok as a legitimate way for young artists to find footing in the traditional music landscape.

Featured image: Rukes

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