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Home / News / Hear Julien Baker cover Soundgarden’s ‘Fell On Black Days’

Hear Julien Baker cover Soundgarden’s ‘Fell On Black Days’


Julien Baker has covered Soundgarden‘s 1995 single ‘Fell On Black Days’ – watch below.

The singer-songwriter said she was floored by the song when digging into the band’s back catalogue, prompting her to choose it for a filmed home session.

Baker told Seattle’s KEPX radio that she is a big fan of Audioslave – one of late frontman Chris Cornell‘s bands alongside Soundgarden – while growing up and had recently reacquainted herself with Soundgarden material.

“I am a huge Audioslave fan – I’m a huge fan of all things Cornell, in all of his iterations – but I am just particularly super on-board with Audioslave, and I think that is because they have such more of a visceral memory to me, because it was, like, happening when I was growing up,” she told KEPX for the …at Home session.

“And then I recently was doing a dive back into Soundgarden, and I heard this song, and it was just flooring. I think there are so many cuts off of the Soundgarden records that are…every song is so good and so complex. There is so much more there underneath the ‘seminal grunge band’ icon.”

She continued: “[Cornell’s] writing has always just been particularly haunting to me but also, like, it’s something that I feel very deeply. But it’s a beautiful song.”

‘Fell On Black Days’ was the fifth and final single released from Soundgarden’s fourth album ‘Superunknown’ (1994).

Last year, Baker artist announced that her new album titled ‘Little Oblivions’ will hit shelves on February 26. It’s her first body of new work since 2017’s ‘Turn Out the Lights’.

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