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Home / News / Khruangbin share Knxwledge remix for ‘Dearest Alfred’

Khruangbin share Knxwledge remix for ‘Dearest Alfred’


Khruangbin have shared two new music videos for their song, ‘Dearest Alfred’ – one for the original, and another for a new Knxwledge remix of the same track.

Both music videos were created by The Kennedys, a tutored internship program held at creative agency Wieden+Kennedy London.

To create the clip for the original version of ‘Dear Alfred’, eight program participants shot, animated and edited their own separate parts of the film from home which involved writing, sending and receiving letters.

The Kennedys then took the original music video and re-edited it, producing a monochrome version with animation overlays for Knxwledge’s remix.

“In a year where communication has a new spin of importance and focus has been put on the postal service, we wanted to make a video highlighting that sentiment for a song based on letters my grandfather sent to his brother,” Khruangbin bassist Laura Lee Ochoa explained in a statement.

“Working with The Kennedys, we were able to highlight these feelings from a variety of perspectives and through a variety of mediums – which felt important to the project.”

Ochoa continued, noting she was a “big fan” of the Kennedys since working at Wieden+Kennedy, and felt “extremely proud for the opportunity to work with them on such a meaningful project”.

“Our zoom call with them presenting us their ideas for the video was one of my favorite moments of quarantine – I felt incredibly inspired and humbled,” she said.

“This project ended up being two-fold: the original video for ‘Dearest Alfred’ and a remixed video for the remix of ‘Dearest Alfred’ by Knowledge. I love what we made together.”

Khruangbin released their latest album, ‘Mordechai’, in June last year. NME gave it a five star review, describing the band as having “expanded their horizons while rooting their latest project in a sound they’ve made their own”.

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