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Home / News / KSHMR Talks Influences, Dream Collabs, The Cataracs & More In Reddit AMA

KSHMR Talks Influences, Dream Collabs, The Cataracs & More In Reddit AMA


KSHMR recently took over r/EDM for an exclusive Reddit AMA, on the heels of his first album release. The producer added his own personal touch to the experience by uploading video responses in addition to the transcribed answers.

Following the release of his impressive debut Harmonica Andromeda, KSHMR discussed inspirations and influences on the album, as well as his favorite tracks, production process and more. He also addressed his past with The Cataracs the future of his Welcome to KSHMR series.

KSHMR discussed favorite songs on the new album…

My personal favorite song — that’s hard. I guess Paula because it’s extremely emotional for me
Next top 4: WWLB, The Little Voice, Mystical Beginning, Midnight Lion Walk / Blood In The Water

Influences on the album…

Ennio Morricone, Hans Zimmer, The Beatles, Queen, Porter, Dr. Dre (Mystical Beginning), My mom

Who he’d like to collaborate with…

Brandon Flowers, Paul McCartney, Eminem, Porter

His earliest EDM recordings…

First real EDM tracks were ghost-productions. I was in love with the energy I saw watching festivals like Ultra, that inspired me. I also saw the crowd as a big army, following a general, and that led to songs like Tsunami and Megalodon.

And finding his sound…

But really early on, you have to accept you don’t know what you’re doing, at least that well, you’re probably not that good, even though we always think our new song is the best song we’ve ever made. So the trick is really to put yourself in a position where you’re making lots of music.

How he starts a production…

You’ve got to find something you believe in. Melody is the best place to start and then you find the right instrument to deliver that melody

Reflecting on The Cataracts…

I would say my thoughts on The Cataracs are exactly where I was at the time. Musically, mentally. I mean, I loved hip-hop music and then I was trying to discover pop music and electronic music and make some sort of blend of all three. And we had a lot of success. And it was an amazing ride. I mean, it got us in the door in such a big way. Honestly to come to L.A. and be total nobodies and then to have the biggest song in the world that we had produced and written. This was really big and it gave me lots of opportunities.

On if Welcome to KSHMR Vol. 9 will happen…

You know what, instead of some dumb excuse I’m going to make the new WTK. When it comes out, tell people you made it happen.

Read (and watch) KSHMR’s entire Reddit AMA here.


Source: r/EDM | Photo via Rukes.com

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