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Home / News / Lady Gaga producer contacts her as ‘ARTPOP Act II’ petition grows

Lady Gaga producer contacts her as ‘ARTPOP Act II’ petition grows


The producer of Lady Gaga‘s 2013 album ‘ARTPOP‘ has said he’s messaged her following the launch of a petition calling for the release of its planned sequel, ‘ARTPOP Act II’.

DJ White Shadow revealed on Instagram yesterday (April 4) that he texted Lady Gaga in response to the petition, which currently has nearly 29,000 signatures, and hailed her supporters as the “most incredibly loving and rabid fans in the world”.

The producer wrote a lengthy note in which he referred to the period making ‘ARTPOP’ with Gaga as “particularly difficult”, owing to “scum bags trying to latch onto the train I had worked so hard to get out of the station”.

He went on to explain that the experience left him so traumatised that it has taken him years to move on from it. “I never been so broken as a human being the day when that record was turned in,” he wrote. “At times I felt finished with life. This is not an exaggeration.”

Elsewhere in the post Shadow wrote that he is now in a better place. “While I want you to hear the ‘extras’ that you guys want to hear, I would also like to make you some new things. I am 100x better at what I do now, and am at an all time creative high. I have eliminated all the dirty rat fucks that were in my life and have surrounded myself with joy and love. I am ready to get back in. I am ready, and whenever LG is, we can get after it.”

He concluded the message: “Oh, and I sent LG a text. I don’t feel right about sharing our private talks but I promise you all I did :)”

‘ARTPOP Act II’ contains unheard songs that were intended to follow 2013’s ‘ARTPOP’ but the project never materialised.

In other Gaga news, the singer has shared the first photo from the set of Ridley Scott’s House Of Gucci film. Gaga plays Patrizia Reggiani, the ex-wife of Gucci heir Maurizio Gucci, who was killed in a 1995 hit she orchestrated.

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