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Home / News / Listen to Alex Somers’ debut solo LPs ‘Siblings’ and ‘Siblings 2’

Listen to Alex Somers’ debut solo LPs ‘Siblings’ and ‘Siblings 2’


Alex Somers has released a pair of debut albums called ‘Siblings’ and ‘Siblings 2’ – listen to them below.

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The US musician and visual artist, who’s known for his work with Sigur Rós and their frontman Jónsi, wrote most of the material for the double album project between 2014 and 2016.

“I’ve carried this music for a long time – so long that it’s become two albums,” Somers explained last month when he shared the tracks ‘Deathbed’ and ‘Sooner’, adding that he “abandoned [the work] at different stages, thinking nobody else would want to hear it…. I don’t know any artist who doesn’t struggle with creativity.”

He added that his work composing for silent film Dawson City: Frozen In Time, a documentary of a remote Yukon town, spilled over into the creation of his own solo music.

“It’s such a poetic story,” Somers said. “And it’s so in sync with how I hear music, and my obsession with found objects. The footage is so weathered and fucked up and beautiful, and it was wonderful to match those images with sound.

“I’d dub sound onto machines, and through different mediums, play it back and re-record it, gathering imperfections. As I wrote the soundtrack, I’d splinter off in different directions, adding more stuff, and these turned into ‘Siblings’ tracks.”

Released via Krunk, you can listen to ‘Siblings’ and ‘Siblings 2’ below:

In addition to dropping the new solo LPs, Somers also shared a film vignette for ‘Between Us’, one of the tracks taken from ‘Siblings’.

“‘Between Us’ is a simple cyclical piano song,” said Somers. “It became a cycle of 13 chords repeating over and over again one day. Each cycle brings small changes in percussion, piano voicing, strings, and layers of voice though guitar amplifiers. Kinda feels like with each passing repetition your memory is erased or something.”

Watch the film vignette for ‘Between Us’ below:


Somers and Jónsi have previously released two albums together under the Jónsi & Alex moniker: ‘Riceboy Sleeps’(released in 2009) and ‘Lost & Found’ (2019).

The duo gave their first-ever European live performance of their debut album back in 2019 when they took to the stage at London’s Barbican Centre alongside the London Contemporary Orchestra.

Meanwhile, Alex Somers recently revealed that he created the music for Charli XCX’s new documentary Alone Together. He’s previously worked on the score for Black Mirroras well as Taylor Swift‘s 2020 film Miss Americana.

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