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Home / News / Little Rain & HILLA Release Heartfelt Single “Drifting Away” via Tipsy Records

Little Rain & HILLA Release Heartfelt Single “Drifting Away” via Tipsy Records


In these busy times, no one would deny the appeal of the sometimes-fleeting idea of chilling with your significant other by the ocean and drifting away together without a care in the world.  New South Korean producer/remixer Little Rain  who has already caught the attention of none other than Austin Kramer for his editorial “Friday Cratediggers”  arrives armed with bright synths and melodies to capture those moments for his fourth single and Tipsy Records debut, “Drifting Away”.  The track features heartfelt vocal and lyrics by German singer HILLA, following her recent work with producers Wave Wave and Aexcit which have garnered close to 10 million streams.

About Little Rain:

Though he keeps a low profile online, Little Rain is the performing name for 19-year-old Yuchan Kim, who has attracted attention with his signature chill and deep sound.  Besides his singles “Freak In Me”, “Pieces”, and “Ocean”, Little Rain has also remixed “Photograph” by Ed Sheeran and “i’m so tired…” by Lauv and Troye Sivan, which can be found on YouTube.

About HILLA:

HILLA is an accomplished, award-winning singer, songwriter, and topliner from Germany.  She originally studied to be a teacher of English and Music but opted to join the songwriting and production team Intertones instead.  She records both German and English pop and dance music, with a sound that she describes as “swing[ing] between melancholy and soulfulness linked to a little bit of self-irony”.  It was, in fact, Little Rain who wanted to collaborate with HILLA after hearing her release with Wave Wave called “Into The Sea”.  She also recently partnered with Aexcit for a dance cover of the King Harvest 70’s classic “Dancing In The Moonlight”.

“Drifting Away” is another remarkable, quality release for Tipsy Records. The label has now achieved over 65 million streams just on Spotify with tracks from its four-year catalog of breaking talent such as Alex Parker, Famba, bvdkult, Frank Pierce, MKJ, Nick Peters, Toniia, Flyboy, Giiants, Boye & Sigvardt, Dunisco and Toniia. The label has a highly tuned ear for its own brand of discovery in both underground and mainstream hits, licensing to labels including Epic Oslo and Parlophone France, amongst others. Tipsy is currently flourishing in partnership with Florida based Symphonic Distribution.

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