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Pauline Herr Drops New Solo Single, “Disappear”


Pauline Herr, known in the EDM community for her many features and collaborations with artists like Moore Kismet and Tails, is also an accomplished solo artist in her own right. This past Friday, she dropped her newest solo single, “Disappear.”

In her own words, this song is a reminder that what everyone is feeling right now will not last. To be sure, these past eight months have been hard on so many people, but Herr wants to convey with her new song that this situation is not permanent, and things will get better.

i wrote this song as a friendly reminder to myself and anyone that comes across it to stay present, and that when you’re not feeling like yourself, it’s going to be okay. no feeling is permanent. this song is especially relevant right now because of the isolation myself and others have felt during the pandemic and I hope it can bring you some comfort during these unprecedented times”

So often, it’s in style to put as many sounds and effects in your songs to create the loudest, most boisterous concoction possible. In contrast, Herr pulls it back and, with a simple melody and minimal effects all simply supporting her voice, she presents a beautiful and memorable composition that conjures up feelings of sitting on a terrace, watching the rain with a hot cup of tea, and just thinking about how things used to be and how they might be again.

Listen to “Disappear” below.

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