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Home / News / Phoebe Bridgers reacts to “preemptive cover” of her 2023 album opener

Phoebe Bridgers reacts to “preemptive cover” of her 2023 album opener


Phoebe Bridgers has shared one musician’s impressive attempt at predicting her ‘Punisher’ follow-up’s opening track.

LA singer-songwriter Jensen McRae shared the affectionate parody of Bridgers’ style on Twitter, joking that “in 2023 Phoebe Bridgers is gonna drop her third album & the opening track will be about hooking up in the car while waiting in line to get vaccinated at dodger stadium and it’s gonna make me cry.”

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McRae then posted a 52-second clip in her following tweet, adding that the track was her “preemptive cover” of “what I imagine it will sound like”.

The song opens with the lines: “Traffic from the East Side’s got me aggravated / Hotter than the day my brother graduated / Wait four hours in the sun / In line at Dodger Stadium / I’m not scared of dogs or getting vaccinated”. Watch the impressively on-point performance below.

Bridgers herself picked up on the tribute yesterday (January 16), retweeting the clip with the words “oh my god”.

Best Coast‘s Bethany Cosentino went a step further, saying “Ummmm this song is so good”.

Many other Twitter users agreed, asking for full lyrics and the rest of the song to be shared, with one even claiming the song sounded “more like Phoebe Bridgers than Phoebe Bridgers”.

Responding to one fan’s request for more material, McRae confirmed she does have an album coming out in 2021, adding: “if Lorde & Phoebe don’t drop I will fill the void but if they DO my album can be the appetizer at the sadgirl feast.”

Meanwhile, fans will be able to see real Phoebe Bridgers songs performed by the artist herself, alongside Eddie Vedder and more, via the upcoming Tibet House benefit livestream.

The event, which will replace the organisation’s typical annual benefit concert this year, will mark the 34th anniversary of the non-profit.

The livestream will be broadcast on February 17 and will be comprised of both live and pre-recorded segments. Minimalist composer Philip Glass has curated the line-up once again and has invited Vedder, Bridgers, Laurie Anderson, Brittany Howard and Valerie June to appear.

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