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Home / News / [Premiere] Showtek Drops 90’s Inspired House Tune “What is Love” featuring Theresa Rex

[Premiere] Showtek Drops 90’s Inspired House Tune “What is Love” featuring Theresa Rex


Showtek have hit the ground running in 2021, now we’re happy to premiere their fifth single of the year, “What is Love.” Featuring Danish singer Theresa Rex on vocals, “What is Love” is a fantastic track that hearkens back to 90’s-style house with it’s bright synth notes and pianos. Rex’s vocals perfectly match the early-summer vibes the track evokes. The Janssen brothers explore some new production space while also having a classic Showtek drop.

Despite the bright aesthetic of the track, the vocals are actually somber and lonely. The vocal track was actually written by Jessie Reyez, but, Theresa Rex perfectly conveys the emotion behind the lyrics. As Showtek put it, the vocals almost play out like a philosophy question. “What is love without someone to love ya?”

The track starts with light hi-hats in the background, Theresa Rex’s vocals are allowed to shine as the production remains very minimal throughout the first verse. However, once Rex starts belting out the chorus, the urgency increases. There’s piano, some tropical notes, some light horns and an unmistakable Showtek melody in the drop. It’s all just very catchy. Here’s what the Janssen brothers and Theresa Rex had to say about “What is Love.”

“What is love? A philosopher’s favorite question. For musicians like us it’s a great way to express how we feel. The 90’s house music style is a big part of our lives and inspiration personally.  A perfect way to lay that sentiment down is into a track. We wrote this one with Jessie Reyez and love how Theresa Rex performed her vocals on this. Both great artists we loved working with.” – Showtek

“I just love this song, I love the lyrics, the vibe, the whole thing. I’m so glad it’s finally out for the world to hear. Working with Showtek has been so easy, I feel like we had the same vision for the song and I hope it shines through” – Theresa Rex

Check out the latest from Showtek, “What is Love” featuring Theresa Rex, out now on Universal.

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