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Home / News / Scarlet Veil launch full size album ‘Each Fantasy’ – Dancing Astronaut

Scarlet Veil launch full size album ‘Each Fantasy’ – Dancing Astronaut


On Might third, the fascinating digital duo Scarlet Veil launched their long-awaited full album, “Each Fantasy,” marking the end result of a meticulously orchestrated rollout that started again in December.

Over almost 5 months, the duo captivated their viewers with bi-weekly single releases, every including a vibrant layer to the wealthy tapestry of their distinctive sound. Now fully-formed and launched in its entirety, the album takes listeners on a journey by way of the imaginative and colourful worlds uniquely crafted by Scarlet Veil.

The album opens with lead single “Sunder” and adopted by “Enshaedn,” “Strings,” “Repose,” “Kraken,” “Spirit Caller,” and the ultimate, “Fervent Sigil.” Every bit contributing to the album’s complicated complete, an ethereal soundscape with sturdy digital rhythms, throbbing bass and cinematic sweeps. Tracks like “Spirit Caller” mesmerize with moody melodies and reside drums, whereas “Kraken” presents a darkish, immersive expertise with layeres of atmospheric synths.

“Enshaedn” attracts inspiration from fantasy literature, setting the thematic basis of the album, whereas “Repose” revisits the haunting tones of witch home. “Strings” accelerates the tempo, pushing the established motifs into new thematic realms.

Behind these sonic adventures are Brandi (vocalist/DJ/producer Sodie) and Jerrod (producer WARLOK), whose artistic synergy and storytelling ambition redefine the contours of digital music. “Each Fantasy” isn’t simply an album—it’s an invite to discover new sonic landscapes, showcasing Scarlet Veil’s evolution and their dedication to inspiring listeners worldwide with their revolutionary musical narratives.

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