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SNAILS – FROGKIND (Official Music Video)


Closely following the release of his highly-anticipated SLIME TIME EP after a year-long hiatus, renowned Canadian bass music artist SNAILS has released a beautiful yet terrifying official music video for “FROGKIND,” which is available now via SNAILS’ YouTube Channel and can be viewed below.

“FROGKIND” is the lead single from SNAILS’ newest 3-track EP, SLIME TIME, which came out last month and features the house hold name producer’s disctint self-titled sub-genre of music, VOMITSTEP. The project, which is the result of a year of introspection and perfecting of his production techniques, coincides with a complete rebranding of SNAILS with more musical storytelling and visuals. Musically, the project still features all the nasty drops, guttural bass, trap rhythms and grotesque sound design that fans have come to love from SNAILS while also incorporating new, funky elements. Heavily inspired by Salvador Dali’s work, the EP also marks a significant shift in his visual aesthetic.

The thrilling and beautifully-animated live-action music video for “FROGKIND” follows a young woman through a wooded forest and large field as she attempts to evade an invisible threat. The vibrant colors of nature artistically contrast with the hard-hitting bass of SNAILS’ signature sound. As the suspense builds we see what she is running from as giant, neon, interdimensional space frogs and snails appear to the beat of the bass. While caught in the field, snail slime begins to ooze from her body as she visibly transforms while the gruesome amphibians descend on Earth around her. She awakens from what was seemingly a dream until the cinematic clip ends with a terrifying surprise that you won’t want to miss.

“The FROGKIND music video has been such an awesome project to work on with Neoliptus. I think it’s important to mention it is his first music video as well so a LOT of effort has been put into the FX and the story side from both of us. It’s really exciting to finally show the result. It’s really oriented toward the VFX world with the capacity of Noe [Neoliptus], we’ve exploited the crazy and weird part of what we both could do. The video really captures the weirdness of the core of the song itself. It brings the watcher through an exciting experience and an audiovisual adventure” – SNAILS

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