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Home / News / Steve Brian releases ‘1986’ EP – Dancing Astronaut

Steve Brian releases ‘1986’ EP – Dancing Astronaut


After nearly a year and four singles later, Steve Brian has finally put his full-length album out into the world. On ‘1986,’ the progressive house and trance producer shares his personal story of love, triumph, maturity and everything in between – all in an eclectic mix of soul-moving moments.  ‘1986’ serves as Steve Brian’s personal recollection of overcoming tragedy and the heartwarming moments that followed. As told through mesmerizing layers of organic and synthesized sounds and vocals, the accomplished producer wraps his personal experiences in the sounds and feelings of peace and transcendence.

The album opens with the title track “1986,” a poignant start to the experience that follows. Although he shares emotions of heartbreak from his own life, the style he uses to express those moments are far from melancholic.   Every track on the album, including the four precviouslt release singles, On the stand out single, “Holding On” featuring Nova Sky’s hypnotizing vocals Steve Brian captivates listeners in an optimistic ambiance. On “Lake Street” a funk house instrumental takes the reins, standing out from the rest of the album with a distinctly different style. Only to be tied together beuatifully on ’90s’ the album’s penultimate moment that blends the entire album’s worth of unique sounds and energies. Toward the end of the ‘1986’ journey, Steve delves into the mellow end of the spectrum with songs like “Lie To Yourself” featuring Trove’s entrancing vocals and “Us”, featuring Christian Carcamo. 

The entire 14 track EP is a sonic tapestry that ebbs and flows between styles, ranging from Brian’s signature trance to mellow progressive house with groovy, almost deep house characteristics. A journey in the most traditional sense, “1986” is one of the rare album’s that demands a play through from start to finish.

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