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Home / News / VNSSA drops new acid house cut ‘Cuz of the Beat’ [Q&A] – Dancing Astronaut

VNSSA drops new acid house cut ‘Cuz of the Beat’ [Q&A] – Dancing Astronaut


Tech house fans will undoubtedly have heard of VNSSA by now. The LA-based producer has been bubbling up for years since bursting on the scene through her marquee collaborations with Walker & Royce. She has released tunes through Black Book Records, Dirtybird, Higher Ground, and Insomniac (to name just a few), and now, VNSSA is adding one more label to her resume with her debut on Techne.

“Cuz of the Beat” is a tech house burner infused with acid riffs and a punchy bass line that rolls throughout. As her career continues to build momentum, VNSSA’s first 2021 single could signal the start of a breakout year for the rising producing. Dancing Astronaut caught up with VNSSA to chat about the new tune, her future plans, and how techno has changed in the absence of clubs.

What impact do you think the temporary closure of clubs has had on techno and tech house production over the past year? Has the lack of live shows impacted how you produce your music at all?

VNSSA: “I think it’s had a huge impact, but not necessarily in a negative way. When I’m producing a track, part of me is thinking where this track is going to be played, and most of the time the answer to that question is the club. But with clubs being closed right now, it’s kind of allowed me and a lot of producers to step out of our comfort zones. Instead of making just club tracks, I found myself experimenting in all different genres.”

You already have a few hits under your belt, what did you learn from some of your early successes? 

VNSSA: “I learned that you need to fail before you succeed. Failure is what helps you hone your craft and it’s necessary in order for you to grow, not just as a musician, but as an individual as well. If anyone out there is telling you that they haven’t failed, then they also haven’t succeeded.”

You’ve been tearing up livestreams over the past year; do you write your tracks with your DJ sets in mind?

VNSSA: “Sometimes I do. Sometimes I don’t. I guess it just depends. I definitely wrote ‘3am’ for livestreams. It’s about dancing by yourself in your living room at 3:00 a.m., which is what I did for a lot of 2020.”

What bit of advice would you give to young DJs or producers who are looking to get to where you are? 

VNSSA: “I would say collaborate as much as you can. I’ve learned so much by working with other producers and many have become some of my best friends. And also, don’t give up. Never give up.” 

Who is one underrated artist we should be watching? 

VNSSA: “I wouldn’t necessarily say underrated, but it’s gotta be Steve Darko. He’s an amazing producer and puts so much ingenuity into everything he releases. He’s got an album coming out soon and it’s amazing. 10/10 would recommend.”

 As we (hopefully) go back to live shows in 2021, what are your goals and ambitions for the year? Do you have any big plans that you can share with us?  

VNSSA: “I definitely plan on releasing tons of new music, and I have a lot of really big shows planned. Hopefully. Only time will tell. That’s one thing I learned in 2020; all bets are off.”

Featured image: Trevor Dean

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