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Home / News / Watch Bully get rowdy in their ‘SUGAREGG’ live session

Watch Bully get rowdy in their ‘SUGAREGG’ live session


Bully have uploaded a five-track ‘SUGAREGG’ live session to their YouTube channel, filmed at Nashville’s arts and music venue, Drkmttr.

The performance kicked off with album singles ‘Where to Start’, ‘Every Tradition’ and ‘Prism’, before concluding with deeper cuts ‘Stuck in Your Head’ and ‘Hours and Hours’.

The livestream was directed by Bobbi Rich and engineered and mixed by Jeremy Ferguson of Battle Tapes Recording.

Watch the band’s high-octane live set below:

The performance initially aired for free earlier this month. Frontwoman Alicia Bognanno also aired a live fan Q&A session directly after the stream, which was also uploaded to YouTube.

Bognanno responded to a variety of fans in the 20-minute Q&A session, including a young 12-year-old girl named Camden, to whom Bognanno gave advice.

“I’m 12. The boys in my band are 13. We all write, but I write the most. Shrug emoji,” Boganno’s friend and livestream moderator Polly read. “How do I let them understand that the words they write aren’t something that teenage girls would sing or think?”

“First of all, you’re wise beyond your years, Camden,” Bognanno replied.

“Thank you for doing something so right – and you should definitely own your shit. I think you should just sit down with them and be open about it. You should tell them from your perspective what isn’t resonating and why, and try to explain it from your point of view. And if they’re good people that you should be playing music with, they will be open and receptive.”

Watch Boganno’s full response to Camden’s question around the 1:55 mark below:

Bully’s third studio album, ‘SUGAREGG’, dropped in late August. NME gave it a four-star review, describing it as “a bubblegum grunge soundtrack to making it through tough times”.

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