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Home / News / Whales Releases Long-Awaited Debut Album, “Pelagios”

Whales Releases Long-Awaited Debut Album, “Pelagios”


The journey to releasing a debut album is unique for every artist, but it’s a (nearly) undeniable fact that anyone’s first album will have long and lasting ramifications on the future of their career. For EDM artists, it’s a bit different, as so many don’t jump straight into albums like many pop or rock artists, but can release singles and EPs for years before dropping an album, if they ever do.

For Israeli producer/DJ Whales, it’s taken at least four EPs and countless singles since 2015, and also a total name change, to get to this point, with the release of his debut album, Pelagios, out now on Subsidia Records.

Spanning 13 songs, including a collaboration with Subsidia founder Excision, as well as RIELL, Herculez, iFeature, Kozmoz, Zubah, and Kini Solana, Pelagios spans a variety of styles within bass music, from the emotional “Scarred” to the in-your-face insanity of “Everything Crashes.”

“I started my journey with the album when COVID-19 started. I figured out I have an opportunity to refresh and make something that will be more ME. I always loved making melodic music, and while touring, I felt like I lost some of my touch and was focusing more on the heavier side, and with Pelagios, I managed to combine melodic feels, heavy drop, and beautiful vocals all in one package.” – WHALES

Pelagios begins with “Nobody Like You,” a familiar introduction to Whales’ style, with intense, brash bass notes coupled with some more melodic notes, and that amazing pre-drop arpeggio. From there, it bounces from different styles, never staying on one thread for too long and always engaging the senses. “The Last Time” with Excision & RIELL, a previously released single already sitting at nearly 2 million plays since release, is one of the most emotionally liberating singles on the album and is definitely one of the standouts.

Overall, Whales has gone above and beyond with this album, creating a collection of tracks that are unabashedly himself and also push his sound further. We can’t wait to see what more he has for us in the future, but for now, we’ve got Pelagios on repeat! Check it out below!


Photo via Yair Sigron

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