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Home / News / Your EDM Playlist: Rene LaVice Crafted a SUBPAC Playlist for Your Bass Listening Pleasure

Your EDM Playlist: Rene LaVice Crafted a SUBPAC Playlist for Your Bass Listening Pleasure


So, of course all the playlists we do here at Your EDM are great no matter what kind of technology you have going and of course of course, RLV will always bring the funk with any playlist he puts together. You don’t need to have the SUBPAC X1 to listen to this playlist. But it couldn’t hurt. In fact, you might get a pretty good back massage out of it.

Just in case you’ve been living under a rock for the past few months (technically we all have, so most of us can be forgiven), the SUBPAC has been making a lot of headlines for its immersive listening technology and has producers raving about how much it helps with producing, providing another layer of sound where it’s more needed: in the body.

We’re all obsessed for drum & bass at least in part because of that deep, heavy bass that you don’t just hear but feel. It reverberates in our head, our hips, our tissues and our chest. There’s no getting away from it, but why would you want to? SUBPAC X1 straps to your back or your chair to put that chest cavity in direct contact with the bass so no matter what your home speakers are like, it’s like listening/feeling in a club setting. It helps producers anticipate what a track will sound like on a big system more than ever before and with the current times as they are, it’s the only way most of us can have that experience. Perfect time for a wicked setup.

RLV of course chose a list of bass-heavy tracks that he tested on the SUBPAC, and he’s been a fan of the technology for quite a while.

“I was asked to pick a selection of tracks which work well on the SUBPAC, which struck me as a funny question because basically everything works amazingly on the SUBPAC. So I chose a selection of tracks with some solid bassweight and interesting sub bass sections to showcase the unit.”

So here we go. Fans can listen to the playlist on Spotify (scroll down for full player) or check out the YouTube tracks below with LaVice’s reasons for loving each one. Whether you have a SUBPAC or not, Strap in.

René LaVice – Hollywood ft. Spy [Device]

This is one of my hardest club bangers right now. Listening to it on the SUBPAC is the closest thing to experiencing it in a club. I love the way the impact on the drop practically smacks you across the room when you’ve got this one on full blast.

Chromatic – Switcher [Device]

Naughty. This one’s a great example of how more complex midrange basses blend with the sub bass on a track. Maybe that’s getting into ‘production nerd territory’ but I think the average listener will enjoy that aspect of this track. It’s catchy too.

René LaVice – Through The Fire ft. Melody Men [Device]

So unlike some other artists who make tracks that happen to have radio appeal, I always put a lot of sub bass into my vocal tunes. This track is a great example of how a solid sub bass can accelerate a vocal.

Flowidus & Lee Mvtthews – Reason [Device]

Dystopian, rebellious, and anthemic. If the rebels were marching to this one they’d be busting a skank while doing it.

René LaVice & Danny Byrd – Boomshaka [Device]

This is probably the most complicated mixdown I’ve done. On the SUBPAC you can feel and hear they way that I’ve found ways to let the heavier danceable elements punch through the mix, amidst an onslaught of sounds.

Shimon & Andy C – Quest [Ram]

This classic is a great SUBPAC tune because of the way that the sub bass twirls downward and then punctuates at the bottom. It makes for a great frequency based back massage.

Murdock – Holding On (René LaVice Remix) [Viper]

Sub bass is just sub bass unless there’s something giving it some attitude. Also who says all bangers need to be in the key of F? This one’s in Bbm (B-b minor) and it bangs harder than the mailman.

Something Something & Kleu – All My Life [Device]

The combination of solid one-note sub drop, and melodic call & response bassline is what makes this one an interesting journey on the SUBPAC. It’s got a great “wait for it” Michael Bay-meets-Dillinja moment right before the drop too.

Halflight – Out of Love [Device]

Heartbreak never felt so sweet. I love the melodic bassline on this one. The drums are really fluttery and light compared to the other tracks on this playlist, and the nice trade off of this is that the sub bass shines through on this one in a different way. I like to feel the bass in different ways track to track, if each track drops onto a solid four bar F note then it gets really boring in the club, so this track is a great way to add some diversity to your SUBPAC experience.

René LaVice – Lockdown ft. A Plus [Device]

Biggest foghorn on Earth. Done.

To check the specs on the SUBPAC X1 or to pre-order, check out the SUBPAC website. To stay up to date on DeVice releases and all things RLV, go to the label’s Beatport landing page or renelavice.com.

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