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Home / News / Hellove Shares Debut Track “Lie” featuring Trove

Hellove Shares Debut Track “Lie” featuring Trove


A new pop-dance track has just surfaced from brand-new artist Hellove. The Estonian producer, real name Igor Volhonski, has teamed up with Australian singer-songwriter Trove. Together, they have crafted a doomed love-story in the song “Lie.”

The new single fades in with a glistening sound until Trove’s vocals give the listener the defining impression of “Lie.” From here, soft guitar strumming joins his breathy singing voice and his melancholic lyrics. The ambiance forged by the production feels airy and floaty much like the work from Hellove’s influences such as San Holo and ODESZA. But the lyrical, vocal content and pounding drums feel grounded and wounded like what can be found in moody pop ballads.

Previously, Volhonski was a songwriter and producer for the song “Hold Me Close” by xtra basic and Emily J.  The song and it’s artists competed in the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest finishing in the top 3. This accolade signaled a bright potential in music for Volhonksi and it seems he’s diving head first into a solo pursuit.

In short, “Lie” is a resounding, colorful debut track from an emerging artist. Hellove captures the sound of emotional turmoil and gives it an almost cinematic touch.

Make sure to check out “Lie” from Hellove and featuring Trove available to stream now.

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