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“It’s high on the agenda for us”


Mel C has discussed potential plans for the 25th anniversary of the Spice Girls‘ first single ‘Wannabe’.

Speaking in a new interview, the pop star (aka Sporty Spice) talked about what the group’s celebrations could look like for the song which topped charts across the world after it was released on July 8, 1996.

“It’s high on the agenda for us girls,” Mel C told the Pop Shop Podcast. “I mean, since we did the tour in 2019, I have just been like, ‘more shows, more shows!’ And, you know, obviously that isn’t something that’s gonna happen this year, sadly. So, again, a big old rethink.”

She continued: “We are working on some ideas. I can’t give too much away… but we definitely wanna celebrate and really acknowledge 25 years. It’s insane. We’re so proud of our legacy. So we do want to celebrate it in the best way that we can.”

Elsewhere during the interview, Mel C was asked about whether the group are planning on recording any new material.

“You know what, I think, when we talk about new music, we feel very nervous,” she admitted. “Because obviously we had such great success, and we have such a great back catalog. And we wouldn’t want to force anything. And we wouldn’t want to do anything that wasn’t good enough, you know?

“So we’ve always said if an opportunity came up and we felt… it was quite organic that it happens, then we would do it. But we kind of don’t wanna force it.”

Earlier this month, Mel C said that she thinks Victoria Beckham is “coming around” to the idea of rejoining the Spice Girls.

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